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SaaS Startup Benchmarks

I love benchmarks.

In a short amount of time, they help us look at our performance, compare it to the best, and see what could or should be. They show us how we can improve.

If you’re the founder of a SaaS startup, benchmarking your performance just might be the most valuable activity you do this month.

That’s because one of the hallmarks of successful founders is the relentless pursuit of improvement. Benchmarks are a premier tool to make this happen. You can immediately understand performance, look for areas of improvement and quickly make changes that really move the needle for your company.

These are the questions you’ll be able to answer within the first 15 minutes of using the benchmarks:

  • Am I growing fast or slow relative to peers?
  • Am I missing out on opportunities to expand and upsell?
  • Is my customer retention good or bad?
  • Is my sales and marketing running efficiently?
  • Are my economics relatively attractive?
  • How fast am I burning cash and do I have enough to fund growth?
  • Where am I underspending and where am I overspending?
  • Are my margins high or low?
  • Am I using headcount efficiently relative to peers?
  • Am I using capital efficiently relative to peers?
  • Should I be more focused on growth or profits?
  • Where do I have room for improvement?
  • Where am I leaving money on the table?

Use my pre-built SaaS startup benchmarks to jump straight to answers. All you have to do is enter twelve data points each year and you’ll immediately see your performance over 13 key metrics. You’ll get eye opening insights about your startup in the first 15 minutes.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is it for? Founders of SaaS startups with $0M to $100M in revenue that want to see where they stand relative to peers and make improvements, or find out how they can build a good story for investors.

What will you get? You’ll instantly get access to two downloads:

  • SaaS Startup Benchmarks - Benchmarks for the 13 key SaaS performance drivers in a convenient PDF. In an instant you can start comparing your current performance to industry-wide standards.
  • SaaS Startup Detailed Benchmarks - The same key performance metrics but this time in a Microsoft Excel file (or Google Sheets) that you can use to start tracking your performance over time. The spreadsheet includes many tips on improving your performance.

Why do you need it? Founders of companies that are proactive in making changes outperform those with a reactive model. SaaS startups that understand their relative performance will find ways to grow faster, operate more efficiently and ultimately become more valuable.

When will you need it? You should do this exercise every year. Right through the company creation process from $0M to $100M in revenue.

Refund policy

I have a simple refund policy. If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Praise from others

“On paper, the financial health of my company appeared good. Once I put my P&L and growth metrics in context with the rest of the industry, I started to see a different story unfold. My team could then quickly move to work on our issues, fill our gaps and set up the company for success” 

- Founder of a $100M ARR Company

“It sounds obvious, but I hadn’t clocked it. My growth has been far faster than the industry average. I used this insight to help negotiate a better valuation on my fundraising round” 

- Founder of a $200M E-Commerce Company

“I never plug products. I made an exception for this because I’ve benefited greatly from it. Almost 30% revenue growth in 90 days. Importantly, I now understand why having a measurement system in place is valuable. These benchmarks are essential.” 

 - Founder of a $1M Independent SaaS Company

"I saw BenchmarkDB before I started my last investment due diligence. In the end, I decided to build it myself. Big mistake. I just bought the SaaS startup benchmarks for my next deal and will do it for every investment from now on. Learn from my mistake and buy these now" 

- Investor at a $500M Venture Capital Fund

“Within 10 minutes I already had three new initiatives to propose at the next board meeting. All three were approved and credited with increasing QoQ revenue by 25%. The founder loves me. They use BenchmarkDB now at their company and on all their angel investments” 

- Investor at a $2B Growth Fund

  • You'll get access to everything you need to benchmark your performance, and find areas to improve.
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SaaS Startup Benchmarks

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