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MicroSaaS Benchmarks

I love benchmarks.

In a short amount of time, they help us look at our performance, compare it to the best, and see what could or should be. They show us how we can improve.

If you’re building a MicroSaaS, you’re spending a lot of your time on product, growth and customer service. Make it worth your while. Benchmarking your performance just might be the most valuable activity you do this month.

That’s because one of the hallmarks of successful people is the relentless pursuit of improvement. Benchmarks are a premier tool to make this happen. You can immediately understand performance, look for areas of improvement and quickly make changes that really move the needle for your MicroSaaS.

These are the questions you’ll be able to answer within the first 15 minutes of using the benchmarks:

  • Am I growing fast or slow relative to peers?
  • How well are visitors converting to free accounts/trails?
  • Am I missing out on opportunities to build my free sign-ups?
  • Is my conversion from free to paid good or bad?
  • Is there room for improvement in my monetization?
  • Am I missing out on opportunities to expand and upsell?
  • Is my customer retention good or bad?
  • Is my sales and marketing running efficiently?
  • Are my economics relatively attractive?
  • Are my margins high or low?
  • Should I be more focused on growth or profits?
  • Where do I have room for improvement?
  • Where am I leaving money on the table?

Use my pre-built MicroSaaS benchmarks to jump straight to some answers. All you have to do is enter 11 data points per month and you’ll immediately see your performance over 12 key metrics. You’ll learn a lot about your MicroSaaS in the first 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is it for? Owners of MicroSaaS companies/products with $0 to $1M in revenue.

What will you get? You’ll instantly get access to two downloads:

  • MicroSaaS Benchmarks - Benchmarks for the 12 key MicroSaaS performance metrics in a convenient PDF. In an instant you can start comparing your current performance to industry-wide standards.
  • MicroSaaS Detailed Benchmarks - The same key performance metrics but this time in a Microsoft Excel file (or Google Sheets) that you can use to start tracking your performance over time. The spreadsheet includes lots of tips on improving your performance.

Why do you need it? MicroSaaS builders that are proactive in making changes outperform those with a reactive model. MicroSaaS owners that understand the relative performance of their company will find ways to improve their baby (you run a MicroSaaS, I know it’s your baby).

When will you need it? You should do this exercise every month. Right through the building process from $0 to $1M revenue.

Refund Policy:

I have a simple refund policy. If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Praise From Others:

“These benchmarks completely changed how I approach my newsletter business. I gained 5,000 subscribers in a month following the strategies that I developed from using BenchmarkDB.” 

- Full-Time Creator with 75K Followers

“Since using my results to make some changes to the way I was operating, I started making more connections and have had great conversations. I broke the 250,000 download mark today.” 

- Creator of an Industry #1 Podcast

"Since using the benchmarks, I have:

* Nearly doubled my newsletter subscribers

* Made new business deals (through higher engagement)

* Increased annualized revenue by 75%

This stuff really works!" 

- Publisher of a 50K Subscriber Newsletter

“I never plug products. I made an exception for this because I’ve benefited greatly from it. Almost 30% revenue growth in 90 days. Importantly, I now understand why having a measurement system in place is valuable. These benchmarks are essential.” 

 - Founder of a $1M Independent Company

“Just completed entering my data for BenchmarkDB’s YouTube Channel product and loved it. Here's three key takeaways:

* Understand the drivers of your business

* There are always areas of improvement, even when things are run well

* You can leave a lot of money on the table without really knowing

Time to get to work” 

- Creator of YouTube Channel with 120K Subscribers

  • You'll get access to everything you need to benchmark your performance, and find areas to improve.
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MicroSaaS Benchmarks

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